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  • Found live termites?
  • Not sure if you found white ants, termite damage or wood rot?
  • Like information about possible protection against future termite infestations?
  • Just ask our fully qualified timber pest technician during our FREE termites check.

    Get professional advice -
    if any termites activity / damage is present within 50 meters of your property. It's usually a good idea to have a better look.

    Building and Pest inspection Gold Coast

    building and pest inspection

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    termite control gold coast

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    Growing fast

    We are a team of professional pest control specialists who continue to meet the growing demand in pest control services, both from residential and commercial clients.

    Our team is large enough to cater to a large number of customers, all the while being small enough to treat each and every client with the same amount of care, respect and attention.

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    Did you know...

    • Termites easily travel 50 meters underground to find new food sources.
    • A termite queen can produce up to 30.000 eggs in ONE DAY!

    White ants are termites

    As you probably know, in sub-tropical climates, termites are active all year round.

    Remember its a lot cheaper having preventative termite inspections than getting rid of termites while they are destroying your internal walls resulting in costly repair bills.

    We always include heaps of information how to make your property less inviting for termites without expensive investments.


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    Effective termite detection

    We use state-of-the-art
    termite detection equipment to
    effectively detect any termite activity
    in your home
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    Our pest treatment is including but not limited to: general pests, termite baiting, termites treatment, termite inspection and termite barriers.

    Green Termite & pest control, termite inspections and protection: From Brisbane to the Gold Coast & Northern NSW