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Termite Control Gold Coast

In Australia,
termites cause more damage to our homes
than all natural disasters combined,
but most of us take no preventative
measures to protect our properties.
We have listed here the main types of
termite control used in Australia.

Termite control

Living in sub-tropical climate,

termite control is no luxury. 

As a minimum, regular thorough termite and pest inspections,  at least before buying or selling a property, is no luxurary.. 

Unless you are a termite control specialist, techniques and skills required to detect termite activity, understand termite behaviour and apply effective termite control, you might get into some serious trouble.  Most people recognise termite presence when a ceiling collapses or a window frame looks funny. Most signs are not that obvious. 


Property Damage

Termites are responisble for a huge amout of property damage including a significant repail bill. Termite damage cost are usually not covered by insurance.

Devalue property

Termite infestation depreciate the value of any home or property to a great extent.

(In average 15% devaluation according the latest statistics).

Financial loss

Structural damages and other damages lead to the financial loss and ultimately loss of peace at home.

Termite Control Cost

The Cost for the control of termites around your home varies per home.
It depends on building design and enviromental conditions. 

The main types of termite control

- termite barriers (Termidor barrier, click here)
- Termite bait stations, more info, click here
- Physical barriers (usually installed when a house is being built)
- Regular inspections (as a minimum an annual inspection is strongly recommended by Australian Standards), especially when you live in a subtropical climate like QLD

If you found termites, please have a look at our termite treatment page- click here.

Do I need termite control

Most termite damage is hidden. You will not see,

hear or know if they are invading your home without the proper tools.

Stop worrying, give us a call,

cost for termite control are usually a lot less than you expect. 


a) Keeping crawlspaces clean and free of moisture and debris

b) Fix any moisture areas, leaks, inside- and outside your house

c) If you store any timbers, keep them of the ground

d) Keep the exterior of your house clear of any stored items, 

vegetation and build-up gardens

e) Don’t store any items, timbers underneath your house

f) Keep any gardenbeds at least 200 mm away from the external wall 

and keep sprinklers away from the external wall