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Termite treatment for your home

Each termite treatment is tailored to ensure the termites are eradicated effectively.

Our termite treatments and inspections exceed the requirements of the Australian Standards.

This gives you the confidence to work with a professional company and gives us the opportunity to have another happy client once the treatment is finished.

Termite Treatment and protection

for your home

There are two general categories of termite treatment (existing buildings)

1 )  Termite barriers, for more information, click here
2)  Terrmite baiting/monitoring systems,
for more information, click here

Termite barriers -   Their purpose is to provide a long-lasting termite management system that aims to exclude termites in the ground from entering buildings.

termite treatment methods
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Live termite treatment 

When using a termiticide like Termidor foam or Termidor Dust to treat live termite activity,

these are not designed as a stand-alone treatment, and should not be used as such.

Therefore a continuous chemical treatment around the external wall of the main building

as per Australian Standard 3660.2,

like Termidor Termiticide

should be installed immediately after termite

activity successfully has been eradicated . 

Extensive termite treatment was nessecary due to destruction of laundry - last termite inspection 2 years ago


Some termites create sub-nest(s) in wall voids,
subfloors and roof void etc, other types don't.

Some termites are destructive others not.
Termite treatment of the different types of infestation depends on termite species, accessibility, and environmental conditions.

Unprofessional approaches often result in scattering of the termites throughout the rest of the property thereby creating,  even more, damage and uncertainty.


Professional termite treatment


A complete treatment around the external wall of you home is the most effective installed type of termite management system.

Usually a non-repellant termiticide like Termidor is used. Life expectancy of this barrier according the label is 8 years under ideal circumstances.  We do not live in an ideal world, therefor repleneshment within approximately 4 years is recommended.  

Environmental conditions, building design and density of termites in the area will determine when the barrier needs to be topped-up again.

Treatments for termites
Termites destroy kitchen - Extensive termite treatment was required

Do-it-yourself termite treatment

There is a reason why it takes an experienced timber pest inspector quite a long time and many termite inspections to start to understand the different termite behaviors like nesting patterns, recognizing types of infestations and species involved.

This information enables the inspector to effectively start treating any termite infestation thereby minimizing the risk of re-infestations and costly repairs. 

Remember, some types of termite species create sub-nest(s) in wall cavities, subfloors, roof void etc, other types do not. Some create extensive-, others minor damage.

When you think you got rid of them but missed a sub-nest somewhere in a wall cavity, your repair bill will increase significantly.

It takes a well-trained, experienced timber pest inspector years to provide clients with effective, least intrusive and safe solutions to resolve each infestation.

Effective termite treatment and protection requires specialized equipment such as moisture meters, thermal imaging, listening devices, wall void camera, masonry drills, pumps, large-capacity tanks, and high-pressure soil injection rods.

A typical termite management system requires large quantities of termiticide, injected into the ground, next to- or beneath concrete slabs.

Effective eradication of the white ants requires dust-, foam- or liquid application depending on the conditions. This will minimize the risk of re-infestations and unnecessary damage and associated costs.

Unprofessional approaches often result in scattering of the termites throughout the rest of the property resulting in even more damage, stress, and costs.

In short, termite treatment is a job for professionals."Do-it-yourself" products, sold to homeowners at retail stores or bought over the internet usually end up with an even bigger problems and a huge repair bill.

White ants handy man
spot termite treatment


Subterranean termite colonies may contain hundreds of thousands of individuals,
foraging in many different directions.

Within 25 meters of every building in Queensland is a termite nest according the CSIRO.
Eliminating one nest/location without a proper inspection, will not give any warranty that you have solved the problem.

To prevent nasty surprises, eliminating the guess work out of the extent of the termite infestation (not sure, maybe, possibly or could be),
termite treatments are usually preceded by a complete termite inspection, inside- and outside your house. This inspection will give you and us the nessecary information to enable effective termite treatment.

With so called spot treatment, the warranty is usually limited to that particular area which has been treated.
It's likely that eventually the same or areas in close proximity, will be re-infested by termites.

Regular professional inspections and an up-to-date termite management system are effective ways to limit possible damage and to reduce the risk of termites invading your home. 


Re-infestation of termites isn’t usually caused by degradation of the termiticide — but because termites have found an untreated gap in the termite barrier.

These gaps are usually created by the home owner or for example a utility company. Situations where a new phone cable is installed, dog digs a comfortable sleeping area or growing plants/flowers on top of the barrier are often the cause for re-infestation..

Termite treatment gone wrong

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