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Standard Terms and Conditions 

Australian Residential Pest Control 



1. The Service: 

Green Termite and Pest Control PTY Ltd ABN 90 233 877 334 trading as Green Termite and Pest Control (GT) agrees to provide a Pest Control Inspection and Treatment (the “Service”) at the premises described in one or more of the relevant documents:

-  Pest Management Recommendation & Agreement   or

-  Pre-Engagement Agreement - Termite Detection Report  or

-  Subterranean Termite Management Proposal & Agreement (for existing buildings)

for the Fee set out in relation to only those Pests and in the areas described in the Inspection/ Treatment Report and subject to these terms. Furniture is excluded unless specifically referred to in the Inspection/Treatment Report. All Reports will be delivered to the customer at the time of Service or forward to the Customer at the email address specified above. 

2. Payment: 

Our Fee (plus GST) is payable in full on the day our Service is rendered. Any Re-Treatment Guarantee shall not apply unless GT has received all monies owing to it by the Customer. Where the Customer authorizes charges to a credit card or by direct debit to a bank account or mobile Eftpos machine. The Fee will be processed on the day the Service is rendered. Interest will be charged on amounts overdue for payment at the rate of 2% above the rate charged by GT’s Bank for overdrafts under $100,000 from the due date until paid calculated daily. Should GT incur costs to a collection agency or legal fees in recovering any unpaid monies, these fees will be payable by the Customer. 

3. Access: 

The Customer will provide access to those areas of the premises required by GT at times agreed with GT to perform the Service including the interior of the Premises. The Customer will provide access to any water or electricity that GT may require to perform the Services. GT personnel will show identification to the Customer upon requests and comply with all reasonable requests while at the premises. 

4. Pest Inspection: 

The pest inspection will comprise a visual inspection only limited to those areas and sections of the property fully accessible and visible to the technician on the day of the inspection. Customers should note that in occupied premises, furnishings and household items may conceal evidence of timber pests that are only be revealed when items are removed. 

5. Pests Covered: 

The treatment will cover only those Pests marked as included in the Pest Treatment report. All references to termites mean subterranean termites species only. The treatment does not provide for the control of damp wood termites, dry wood termites, fungus, wood decay, and wood boring beetles or any other pest not included in the Pest Treatment report. 

6. Re-treatment Guarantee: 

The Service is subject to a Re Treatment Guarantee in accordance with these terms and conditions for the period advised by GT’s technician in the Inspection/ Treatment Report. More information concerning this Guarantee is set out in clause 15. 

7. Safety Instructions: 

It is important that the Customer follows the safety instructions provided by GT’s technician concerning pesticides particularly those directed to the safety of children, the intellectually impaired and pets.    

8. Treatment effectiveness:

 GT will deliver the Service in a competent and professional manner taking into account these terms. The ongoing effectiveness of the pest control treatment also depends on the Customer maintaining good housekeeping practices around the property including implementing GT’s recommended hygiene and property maintenance procedures. Pest treatment will also be rendered ineffective by disturbing garden areas adjacent to the treated structures, building alterations, renovations and introducing materials to the property that encourage pest activity. 

9. Damage to Utilities: 

If delivery of the Services requires drilling or cutting any materials, the Customer will be responsible for identifying the location of all utility services to the property including water and drainage pipes, electrical and telephone cables, gas pipes etc. GT will exercise due care in performing any drilling or cutting but the Customer will be liable for any damage caused by penetration to any such services unless caused by the negligence of GT. 

10. Reliance on Service and Report:

The Service and Pest Treatment report is provided solely for the benefit of the Customer named in the report. The Customer may not assign this agreement to another person without the prior written approval of GT that may be given conditionally or withheld. 

11. Entire Agreement: 

This Agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties and (except for the the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 or other laws which cannot be excluded or modified by agreement “consumer laws”) all other terms representations, conditions, guarantees, undertakings, warranties including liability for negligence which might have been implied by law or have any application are expressly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. 

 12. Liability:  

The Service is provided for the benefit of the Customer only. GT accepts no responsibility whether in contract, tort or otherwise, including in relation to negligence, to any third party as a result of the provision of the Services or the Pest Treatment Report. If the Customer is a ‘consumer” under consumer law, the Services provided by GT come with guarantees and remedies which cannot be excluded by law and GT’s liability to the Customer shall be limited to remedies provided under consumer laws. 

13. Privacy: 

The Customer authorizes GT, its employees and related entities, subject to compliance with the Privacy Act 1988 to use and disclose the personal information of the Customer in accordance with GT’s Privacy Policy which can be accessed at This use includes communicating offers to the Customer about products and services from GT. The Customer has the choice to opt out of receiving this information at any time. 

14. Governing Law: 

This Agreement is governing by the laws of the State or Territory where the Service is being provided to the Customer and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of that State or Territory. 

15. Retreatment Guarantee 

GT guarantees to promptly re treat any area of the premises during the Retreatment Guarantee period without charge if the Customer has complied with these terms, particularly Clause 8, and in the unlikely event of any pest activity covered by the treatment at the premises during that period. The period shall be the 3, 6, or 12 month period specified in the Customer’s Inspection/ Treatment Report. If no period is specified the period shall be 3 months. The period operates from the date of the Service. Customers should contact GT immediately they notice any sign of pest activity and advise GT of all relevant information. Customers may also contact us via the website below. Our Services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer law. 



Please call Green Termite and Pest Control Customer Service or send an email.