White ants, how to treat white ants and protect your house


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if any white ant (termite) activity / damage is present
within 50 meters of your property.

White ants

White ants are small insects, similar shape and size as ants.
Many Australians use the term white ant when they are describing termites.
Termites are close relatives of the cockroaches, and so are very different to ants.

White ants are termites

Get professional advice -
call 0477 055 044 ,we have a look,

In the event of live termite/white ant activity, we explain what the options are and possible cost involved.

White ant / termite protection

If you are interested in protecting your house against future infestations,
just ask our fully qualified timber pest technician what the options are during the free termite check.
This service we provide FREE OF CHARGE, NO OBLIGATIONS!


White ant / termite damage

Termites (white ants) are prevalent in subtropical Queensland, and
are the major cause of damage to any wooden structures inside and outside our homes.

Termites can cause extensive damage to the structure of homes and buildings,
they attack any cellulose containing items including fixtures, fittings and for example floor coverings.

Often for periods up to 18 months termites might be active in concealed areas and not be visible.

By then we often find extensive (structural) damage inside the wall voids.


White ants are well organised.

A typical colony contains nymphs, workers, soldiers, and reproductive individuals of both genders,
sometimes containing several egg-laying queens.

Producing up to 30.000 new termites per DAY! (have a look at National Geographic video on the right)

Together these millions of little creatures are able to achieve great things;
building big structures above or below the surface, hollowing huge trees, moving vast amounts of soil,
eating any stored (wooden)items in or around your house made out of cellulose.

When showing signs of fungal decay, this can include your treated fence, retaining walls and/or any other decorative timbers lying around in the garden, next-, in- or underneath your house, these areas become a food source for termites and will attract them.

Usually wooden items start to show the first signs of fungal decay, have a higher moist content than their surroundings and give direct (concealed) access.

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Some termite facts:

Very hungry and they DO fly!
(into roofvoid, over barrier, etc)

Always on the lookout for new food sources, they specialise in finding the smallest entry points into a house, either underground or through air.

Beware of any leaking /moisture areas inside, underneath or outside your house, this will attract white ants.

Subterranean termites usually operate in the top 20cm of the soil, common entry points into a building:

white ants

If you are not sure if you are dealing with ants or termites, always call a pest professional to verify and be sure;
We use specialised equipment like moisture meters, listening devices, thermal imagaging, etc, etc.

Worth risking your biggest investment for a few dollars....???

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Different types, different habits

Just like the huge variations you seen in the ants, termites are similarly diverse with lots of different life styles.

Different types of termites have different habits,
this is important from the perspective of controlling white ants.
To be able to give you adequate advise and do a professional job,
our licensed timber pest inspectors will always try to identify the exact genus of the white ants.

Because people often panic, they unfortunately disturb termite attacks into their property.
This usually results in termites attacking the property from all different directions.

White ant and termite inspection

If any termite activity / termite damage is present within 50 meters of your property, it is strongly recommended to have a professional look at it.


Our fully licensed timber pest (termite) inspectors will be able to provide detailed information about the extent of the infestation as well as the possible options for eradicating the termites and protecting your property against future infestations.   

White ants are termites!

White ant treatment

Eating from the inside out, termite damage can be substantial by the time it is detected.
1) Do not disturb them.
In this way we can treat them in the most effective way

2) Don't panic, just call a licensed Timber Pest inspector
call 0477 055 044.

3) If you find termites/white ants, they probably have been there for a longer time.
So do not spray or disturb them, this will just scatter them over a larger area.

4) A termite queen can lay up to 2000 eggs per day,
there are many different types of termites. Different behaviour need different treatment.
So you'll need a experienced licensed timber pest inspector to eradicate them effectively.

Termite trouble...

As you probably know, in sub-tropical Queensland, termites are active all year round.
This client has a barrier installed, only forgot to have regular inspections;
Barrier was breached by vegetation and build up gardens against the external wall.
Result: Internal walls are infested with vast amounts of termites on the ground floor,
first floor, ceiling between floors including roof void.

White ants on the Gold Coast

Recent examples of what white ants can do...

Last termite inspection 3 years ago.... click here

Termite inspection

Termite invasions are very frustrating, costly, damaging, and downright devastating.

Fast results

Because of the destructive nature of termites,
we will always prioritise appointments for termite inspections,
usually within 48 hours we will be inspecting your property.

Thorough inspection

A thorough timber pest inspection for an average house
including sub-floor and/or roof void takes about 1.5 to 3 hours.

After an inspection you want to know in detail what is going on in- and around your property.
Every wall, every void, inside and outside needs to be inspected.
Our technicians will/can use state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment, listening devices, moisture meters, etc. at NO EXTRA COST. These tools are there to facilitate professional white ant removal.

Detailed report

After this our fully government licensed timber pest inspector writes a detailed report
which most of our clients use as a checklist
to reduce the risk of a termite attack in- and around the property.

We use state-of-the-art
termite inspection/detection equipment
(including thermal imaging) to
effectively detect any termite activity
in your home and to look for white ants signs.
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The inspection reports includes:

  • Termite activity
  • Termite workings and damage
  • termite nests
  • Susceptible areas
  • Conducive conditions
  • Moisture areas; drainage problems & water leaks
  • Fungal decay
  • Suspected trees and stumps
  • Treatments required
  • Recommendations how to resolve any found issues

Our thorough inspections result in reports which are understandable for everybody
with lots of photographs, recommendations and findings.

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Each year we spend hundreds of dollars on car insurance, home insurance, contents insurance and health insurance.
Unfortunately, many people tend to ignore to protect their home against termite(white ants) infestation or to invest in a termite protection system.
Termite protection is a lot easier than any cure and certainly a lot less costly.
We offer affordable termite protection, which may save you thousands of dollars in damage bills.

What not to do In termite protection(white ants):

Moisture is essential to termite(white ants) survival and a major attractant. Minimising moisture from in and around the dwelling is half the termite prevention battle.

Termite Inspection,White ants inspection & termites Control.